World's combat rations

Information about international combat rations.
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・西欧諸国 -Western Europe-
 *France Republic
 *United Kingdom
 *Kingdom of the Netherlands
 *Kingdom of Belgium

・中欧諸国 -Central Europe-
 *Federal Republic of Germany
 *Republic of Austria
 *Swiss Confederation
 *Republic of Lithuania
 *Czech Republic

・南欧諸国 -Southern Europe-
 *Italian Republic
 Spain New!
 *Hellenic Republic

・北欧諸国 -Northern Europe-
 Kingdom of Denmark New!
 *Republic of Finland
 *Kingdom of Norway
 *Kingdom of Sweden

・東欧諸国 -Eastern Europe-
 Russian Federation New!
 *Republic of Poland
 Ukraine New!
 Republic of Belarus New!

・アジア諸国 -Asian countries-
 *People's Republic of China
 *Republic of Korea
 *Republic of Singapore
 *Republic of China -Taiwan-
・北米諸国 -American countries-
 *United States of America
・中東諸国 -Middle East-
 *State of Israel
・その他 -Others-
 *Emergency Rations
 *Space Foods

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